Chesakova Tatiana
Director Ahead Foundation

All life can change in an instant

February 24, 2022 divided our lives and the lives of all Ukrainians into “Before” and “After”. “Before” we knew in what world we lived, worked, dreamed and made plans for the future. And “After” – everything was different. The explosions and military aggression of the Russian Federation changed everything. And the worst thing has come into our lives – war!

Unfortunately, the war knocked on the door of every family in Ukraine. And now the lives of millions will forever consist of “Before” and “After”. Now we have to adapt to life in these terrible and difficult realities. But I am sure that nothing is impossible for us Ukrainians. The world has united in support of Ukraine. We came together to support and help each other.
I, as an owner of a business, have assembled a team of amazing professionals that has achieved international recognition. Today, as a mother and a concerned citizen, I cannot stand aside when my motherland is in flames, when lives are ruined together with houses, hospitals, schools of our beloved cities and villages.
In this crucial moment, my team has united to help those who longs for it most. And together we created the Ahead Foundation. We are certain that the professional approach that we have carefully built up over 16 years of our agency’s existence, our honesty and unbending devotion will help us become an unwavering source of support to all the Ukrainians.

Fund's Mission
Reconstruction of Ukraine

Rebuilding Childhoods
(material and psychological support of young Ukrainians most affected by the war)

the infrastructure of destroyed cities (schools, kindergartens and houses)

Ukraine’s cultural ties with the world (support for artists and performers).

Charity auction in support of Ukraine
Art for victory
Let's return childhood to the children of Ukraine!
July 15
Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel

Preservation and support of Ukrainian cultural heritage and contemporary art during the war.


To draw attention to the problems of Ukrainian children who suffer the consequences of war through art. Raise funds for the organization of summer camps where children affected by the war and orphaned will undergo psychological rehabilitation, gain new experience and re-adjust to a peaceful life.


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Beneficiary ICF “Ahead Foudation”
IBAN UA833005280000026008000022509
Beneficiary bank OTP BANK JSC,
43 Zhylyanska Str., Kyiv, 01033, Ukraine
Correspondent bank: Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Vienna, Austria
SWIFT code сorrespondent bank RZBAATWW
Beneficiary bank’s account with correspondent bank 70-55.033.401


Beneficiary ICF “Ahead Foudation”
IBAN UA833005280000026008000022509
Beneficiary bank OTP BANK JSC,
43 Zhylyanska Str., Kyiv, 01033, Ukraine
Correspondent bank: Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
SWIFT code сorrespondent bank DEUTDEFF
Beneficiary bank’s account with correspondent bank 100 9474974 0000

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Одержувач: Міжнародний благодійний фонд “Ахед Фундація”
Код Одержувача: 44838200
Банк Одержувача: АТ «ОТП Банк» в м. Київ
МФО: 300528
Рахунок № UA833005280000026008000022509

Поповнення картки у гривні

Карта № 4731 2196 3122 4700
(Чесакова Т.В.)
Одержувач: Чесакова Тетяна Володимирівна
Рахунок 26203687237632
IBAN UA483052990000026203687237632
Банк одержувача ПриватБанк
МФО банка – 305299
РНУКПН отримувача – 2660611327


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Be the reason someone smiles.Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.

Directions of the Fund
Rebuilding childhoods

Working together with orphanages to help children who suffered throughout the war and lost their family (kids, whose parents died during Russian agression), organising their psychological rehabilitation abroad.

Rebuilding cities

Helping to rebuild destroyed buildings in Ukrainian cities and villages. Main priorities are hospitals, orphanages, schools and kindergartens.

How can you help?

Not all of us can do large-scale things, but we can do small things with love.

Media Project


This is a series of documentary interviews about ordinary people — of all ages and generations, — who survived the occupation, who seized the opportunity to leave and those, who were saving their lives in 2014 and once again were caught up by the horrors of war eight years later. City dwellers, who lived through the first bombardments, who evacuated in the first hours, leaving their homes and rushed to the borders to save their family. About those who lost their homes, and those who lost their family. About all those heroes who protects, who builds, who saves — ordinary Ukrainians, who once again show the whole World the unconditional power and unwavering unity of Ukrainian nation. Because what can be more of value than a family of 44 million people?

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